how stop your dog baking

-first, stay relaxed to trying to stop dog barking you need to be calm and serious on your claim that gives your dog sign something is wrong and he Sophisticated to understand that. the dog is developed Through around 15,000 years to be the best friend of human you can imagine if you live with someone these years how much can you understand him just by looking him that happening to dogs because his Instinct developed to understand and process any action doing by the human starting by Self-confidence to the fear. your dog is just a mirror reflects your personality.
the second trick is so good because I Try it before and is working, the method is breaking the energy. the human has not the same energy of the dogs but we have the brain who make Inventions like a bicycle that can challenge your dog Consumption of more energy that stop him to barking if you are an old man or you have an exceptional position your make program of agility training that makes your dog skills and that can make your dogs stopping barking but on one case if you do the 2 methods at the same time I make you sure that work, if didn’t do the last way, is to go at professional that can be another type of problem.